Monday, November 24, 2008

Giving Makes a Difference

We've been trying to simplify, especially with material things. So we cleared out our house, room by room. Let me tell you, it was so liberating! We had a huge yard sale on Saturday, hoping to get rid of unnecessary stuff and make some extra cash. 

Unfortunately, it was freezing! Hardly anyone was out of doors, so we made a grand total of $75 bucks. It was so depressing to pile it all back into the house. Later on, we decided to just give it all to Goodwill. So even though we didn't make a lot of money, at least it went to a good cause, and maybe they will be able to get some cash from the sale of it this Christmas. 

Now more than ever, people are in need. I talked to several people this weekend who are suffering because of our economic recession. We're having a hard time ourselves. But I know it's important to give out of our need, so I try to donate whatever I can whenever I can. Maybe it's canned food or clothes, or even fundraising for a good cause. Check out what our band is doing:

If we all try to give something, then we CAN make a difference.


faerie enchantment said...

I had a joint garage sale this past summer and it poured all day, we made no money either, LOL, so I too, decided to box the stuff up and give some away, the rest still in boxes waiting to be donated, before end of the year!

Happy Coming Thanksgiving!

Linda said...

Hi Michelle...thats a great thing you did.
I'm so glad you liked my book - than you for the kind comment.
Best wishes

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