Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Creating

Do you even remember life before cell phones? We use ours so much that we don't even have a home phone. Unfortunately, I could use one right now. My cell phone is broken & the store is giving us the run around on getting it fixed. So it's been 3 days now with no phone. On the positive side, it's been very quiet around here.
It's hard to believe that Christmas is next month! 

The last two years, I've tried to be creative and make as many gifts as possible. Mostly for financial reasons, but then I discovered that I truly loved it. It's so much more personal when you hand someone a gift you've created just for them. It forces you to plan ahead, really think about the person and what they'd love. In the past, I'd think for a few minutes and try desperately to find something amazing at the mall. Which rarely happened, and I usually felt guilty about my less than ideal gifts.

So this year, I've decided to go one step further. I'm either going to make all the gifts for Christmas, or I'm going to buy from small artists and crafters, to support the incredible talent out there. I love using for this purpose. I could spend hours (and sometimes do!) looking at all of the handmade items listed on the site. I encourage you to go check it out, but be forewarned- you'll be hooked! I'm selling my gifts at

So this holiday season, go look online at some creative gifts, or create your own for those special people in your life!
Here's some of my recent favorites: 

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faerie enchantment said...

I'm ready to start shopping for the holidays!
Such a great post, has me ready to search for gifts now!
Magic and Joy!

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