Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Conquering the Stigma of Mental Illness

"1 in 6 adults and almost 1 in 10 children suffer from a diagnosable mental illness. Yet, for many, the stigma associated with the illness can be as great a challenge as the disease itself... You see, stigma is caused by either the wrong information (misperception), or no information at all (ignorance)...

"The good news is- stigma can be conquered. How? By those with a mental illness sharing their stories. And by those without an illness- listening and learning." - from Bring Change 2 Mind


Stonefox said...

Hey Michelle, I would like to put a link up to your blog and would like a blurb from you. Can you email me to chat?

One Happy Campa said...

Hi Michelle,
Thank you for visiting my blog! I pray that the Lord blesses you in a special way today as you are blessing others! May HIS mercy, grace, and protection cover you as He sends you out to minister to those who need His hope and salvation.

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