Friday, June 26, 2009

SPARK- My Art and Writing Pieces

The new SPARK: Art from Writing, Writing from Art challenge is up. Amy Souza started this creative venture to unite artists and writers and inspire them to create off of each other. This time around, I entered as an artist and as a writer, so I had two different partners- Marty McGihon was my art partner, and you can see our page here. And Urmilla Khanna was my writing partner, seen here. There are so many amazingly talented people on this project, so go check it out.

These are the poems I entered:


Scrape deep, chip away
Remove the years of grime
Expose the raw material
Intended for a different purpose
Splinters tear the flesh
That lovingly strokes,
Pouring lover's blood
Into the restoration
Ragged and rough as sandpaper-
Yet the lightest touch is fire,
Salt in the open wound
Painful purification
Smooth over reclaimed surfaces
Kissed with sweetest silk
And gently unveil
The undiscovered me

Survival Mode

Where the heck am I going?
Driving blindfolded,
It's hard to stay on the road

Walking zombie, arms outstretched
Snatching anything I feel

Willing this to be it-
The place where confusion lifts,
Epiphanies rest

Frustration! Agh!

When, oh, when will this fog disperse?
Stand on that mountain-rock
Breathing clean air, vision restored

I'm tired of drudging in circles,
Survival mode

Let it end, no more!
My foot is firm, my brow is set,
Refusing to take that sedative

This patient will obstinately
Insist on a change

And these are the art pieces I made:

The little girl is running down a road of song lyrics about fairytales, towards a sparkly castle in the distance. She hopes that when she reaches her destination, she will live happily ever after. I identify all too well.


I wanted to portray people who have survived great trauma. Not to show them in despair, but to show the strength that exists in spite of it, even the joy that comes in the rescue. The images clockwise: holocaust survivors, girls marching for children's labor rights, a black slave, girls released from sexual trafficking in Asia, "Hope" with her anchor, a group of impoverished families receiving food from the Salvation Army during the Great Depression, and a picture I took of a tree with birds and an open cage.


TedwFindingCadence said...

Oh my gosh, Michelle! I felt like "Reclaimed" was like a brick hitting me in the chest. I re-read it through a couple of times and I felt like it kept penetrating deeper.

It is by far my new fav!

I love you. Keep art-ing, you're amazing in all that you do.

The Chicks said...

Hey Michelle,
Thanks for peeking in on me with such encourgement! Your poetry blew me away...really powerful!!!

The Chicks said...

oops wrong account...that was me Michelle!

Linda said...

WOW Michelle....fantastic artwork and totally awesome poetry. What a talented girl you are!
I also loved Urmilla's stories and thought you translated them into visual images brilliantly.
Linda x

Truth said...

These pieces are powerful! Thanks for sharing them. When I read your writing it comes with such vivid imagery for me.

Love the concept of both pieces ... really drawn to the "Idealism" piece visually. It is a really strong design and I love the execution of it. Obviously reminds me of the "Delicate" piece and I can see you doing a whole series for a show in this style/theme. I am also drawn to it because I am choosing to remain in a state of hope ... I'm not ignoring reality :) just remaining hopeful.

Keep Creating!

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