Monday, March 2, 2009

15 Simple Pleasures

One of my writing prompts today was to list 15 Simple Pleasures and then write about one in particular. So I thought I'd share my simple pleasures with you. Just writing the list made me feel happy. What are your simple pleasures?

15 Simple Pleasures 

  1. blankets and pillows
  2. chocolate, popcorn and/or Dr. Pepper
  3. reading
  4. watching/laughing at my kids
  5. being in nature
  6. snuggling
  7. playing the piano
  8. creating art or writing
  9. watching a movie
  10. browsing art online
  11. massage from my hubby
  12. listening to my favorite music
  13. afternoon naps
  14. starbucks
  15. alone time


Linda said...

Thats a great list Michelle - I agree with you on everything (except the Starbucks; in England its 9 parts froth/1 part coffee...not good).
Hope you are well today...thank you for your lovely comments as always. I love your cathedral tree.

KimDoll said...

what a great picture! you are so beautiful and look so peaceful with all your sweet little ducklings.

i love the list too. i hope you don't mind, but i'm totally going to steal the idea for my blog.

Lydia said...

Beautiful picture, beautifiul blogger, beautiful thoughts:)

Lucy said...

I would of put almost all of those things on my list, too. It's truly the simple pleasures in life that are the biggest and most rewarding. :)

Renee said...

Is this picture of you Michelle. If so, you are beautiful and so are your children.


Renee said...

Hi Michelle:

The art is not mine, if you look at a post I did on Feb 5/08 entitled art heist, you can read all the whatnots about it.


Love Renee

Healing Expressions said...

What a completely beautiful picture! You look deeply in love with those babes and them with you! I had quite a few of those pleasures on my list! Have a blessed day Michelle!

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