Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SPARK: Art and Writing Challenge

I wanted to let everyone know about a creative challenge I recently took part in. The site is finally finished, so go take a look at some amazingly talented artists and writers. If you're interested in participating in the future, there's information on that as well.

Here's a description from SPARK:
"Visual artists and writers get paired up and trade work. Each person sends their partner an inspiration piece—something they created just for this project or that’s taken from their portfolio of work. Using that work—a photo, painting, poem, story, etc.—each SPARK participant creates a response piece in their own medium."

Be sure and click my name (Michelle Wallace) on "The Work" and on "Contributors" to see my artwork and bio.


Renee said...

Great news Michelle. Breathing room is always a good thing.


Lilla said...

Hello Michelle, thanks for stopping by my blog and asking about the fabric quilty.
Actually all I did was back the muslin with interfacing, put a quilting foot on my machine and go for it. No thoughts to how it would look.
I used a regular stitch, no hoop or anything, just sewed like I was writing with the needle.
Try it and if I can help more let me know.
aloha Lilla

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