Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Heart Thing & Cathedral Tree

I was reading a blog I follow, and she was sharing about how she has such great intentions to spend time with God. I really identify- I plan specific time to sit down and pray, read, write, reflect.  But it doesn't always happen.

I'm stingy with my time. Because I'm a mom, I feel so divided. Most days I feel like a waitress and a nurse, on-call 24/7. So "me" time is very precious. But many times when I finally sit down to pray, or read a book, or write, something happens. The phone rings, Timothy wakes up from his nap, and the list goes on... Agh! I get really frustrated when my plans get messed up. But as Renee Swope put it, "But sometimes He rearranges the furniture in my 'quiet place' and it becomes more of a place in my heart than a space in my home or in my day."

I like that thought. Because even when my wonderful plans have gone screwy, my heart can still be with God. I can still talk to him while I'm folding laundry, and worship while I color with Timmy. It's not about the routine or the plan anyway. It's a heart thing. Good reminder.

Also, I finished my art piece for the Art/Writing challenge I participated in. This is what I came up with (Cathedral Tree), based on the poem my partner sent me. A line she wrote was about the "spiritual discipline of watching falling leaves". It made me think of a cathedral, a sacred space. I feel that way about trees, and nature. I feel closer to the Creator when I'm in His creation.


Renee said...

Cathedral tree how fantastic. I guess that is what all trees are. Great job. xooo

Renee said...

Yes Michelle, thank God.

Kisses xxx and Hugs ooo.

Hope you are doing well.


KimDoll said...

Wow. The tree is truly beautiful. Something I would love to hang in my house.

Lydia said...

Your Cathedral Tree is just Beautiful!

I wake up , and go to sleep , saying"I love my Life.Thank you!" It seems that I now fall asleep better when I wake up and go to sleep w/some prayers:) In fact, my days have become calmer.

Your package went out the beginning of last week. Please give me a holler when it comes, so that I know it was received in good condition:) Thanks:)

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