Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recent Philosophy

This week has been one of the worst in my memory. 
So here's my recent philosophy, which compliments the Mixed Emotions theme in my life:

I laugh to keep from crying, 
I sing to keep from screaming.

That's how I've been getting through the days recently. 
And this thought makes me smile, too:

Life is hard. We need more pillows.


faerie enchantment said...

I've had those months before, and when a day comes where its so much, I try to find things that make me smile:cheesecake, fave movies and the nutcracker music cd! Then I try to make some things!

Love fluffy pillows too, I want to feel like Princess and the Pea!

Sending magic and joy your way!

Rachete said...

Life is hard...we need more sleep. :)

Michelle said...


I came here to enter your giveaway which I did. However I wanted to say I admire you for coming out and talking about the depression. I know and understand where you are coming from and how hard it is. I have thought about talking about it on my blog but so often people just dont understand about it and so I havent brought it up, though thought about it often. I will keep an eye on your blog. (I am doing ok at the moment, though coming off medication that I hated using which has not worked well for me) and this is a big deal leaving a comment here about it for me and here you are sharing and in doing so, no doubt are helping others.

Just remember those of us who have been there and in many cases it is a day to day battle understand. Please email me if you need to at any time and I wish you well in your life journey.

On my blog there is a link to my website and that has my email on it if you ever need it.
Tasmania, Australia

Linda said...

Hi Michelle...I hope you are feeling ok at the moment. Thank you for your lovely comments.
Take good care of yourself.

Healing Expressions said...

"Sing to keep from screaming"....I so understnad the power of music to bring this kind of release. grateful for you today that the feeligns can pour into your songs....
Hold on..

Renee said...

Well I hope for only good weeks ahead. At least let this be a good week because you need a break from the one that wasn't.

I think I'll join you.


Love Renee

Dawn Supina said...

I really hope you read your comments Michelle ~ because I drew your name to win a prize for my blog's OWOH giveaway. Congratulations! Please visit my blog ART of Humungous Proportions (just click on my photo to get there) and click on "View my Complete Profile", then on "Email". I will need your contact info so that I can send you the giveaway. Hope to hear from you very soon!
~ Dawn.

Lydia said...

Hi Michelle,

Didn't see your email. You've won my Original Canvas painting 'UR Heart-All Mine' !

Please email me your address . Hope you enjoy it:) #908 in OWOH giveaway

Lydia (Beauty Will Surely Save the World- Lydia,Oh,Lydia! Art)

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