Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spark Art & Writing- New Poem

We just finished another round of SPARK, the art/writing challenge. This was my partner, artist Dana Gray's inspiration piece to me:

And this was my response piece:


Love is a swirling mass of colors,
Bliss sweeping us into the clouds
The world disappears as I look in your eyes
We forge ahead, day by day
Partnering together in life's routine
Excitement fades, replaced by something deeper
A less flattering, more solid love
The storms come, nearly knocking us over
But we cling together, side by side
We watch as others separate,
The vivid colors of love fade to gray
Now dissolved halves wandering alone
But we cling harder to each other,
Grateful to be lost together in the storm
As the winds die down, I realize we are scarred
But our wounds have bound us as one,
Healing fuses our bones together
The colors swirl around us again
Renewed love sweeps us away once more

This was my inspiration piece to my partner:

Survival Mode

Where the heck am I going?
Driving blindfolded,
It's hard to stay on the road
Walking zombie, arms outstretched
Snatching anything I feel
Willing this to be IT-
The place where confusion lifts,
Epiphanies rest
Frustration! Agh!
When, oh, when
Will this fog disperse?
Stand on that mountain-rock
Breathing clean air,
Vision restored
I'm tired of drudging in circles,
Survival mode-
Let it end; no more!
My foot is firm, my brow is set,
Refusing to take that sedative
This patient will obstinately
Insist on a change

And this was her response piece:

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