Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Good Leaders- What NOT To Do

Today's blog is from Carissa Byers. I liked it so much, I thought it was worth passing along. Tell me what you think...

The Good Leaders

Citibank's Advice to Women copy

I found this in a blog post at "Easily Amused."

This list makes me sad. Our society often fails dramatically when trying to empower women. First and foremost, you do not empower a woman by teaching her how to be like a man.

Sitting around with your legs spread, always getting the last word, doing whatever you want without asking if anyone minds, never apologizing, playing unfair, always needing credit for every last thing (which I personally find really obnoxious) and firmly pumping everyone's hand, etc. is just ridiculous. These are not qualities of a good leader or a good man, for that matter.

No person can fake their way to be a remarkable leader through learned gestures. Learned gestures are what we teach monkeys to do for our amusement.

What erodes a woman's self confidence is not apologizing, it's buying this book.

Good leaders of all genders will be genuine people who lead because they are good at it. Because they are smart and passionate and compassionate and better at it than any one else. They will be good leaders because they believe in the goal and the message and because they can communicate and motivate people. They will be good leaders regardless of how many pats on the back they get or how much they get paid. The Good Leaders will be successful regardless of their hand strength and regardless of what hangs or does not hang between their legs.

The Good Leaders are equipped with good grammar. Especially when publishing a book so as to avoid "not get taken seriously."

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Annie said...

I like the "bad advice" tag because wow, is this ever bad advice. It's offensive, really. For one thing, we could sum it up by saying simply "women aren't taken seriously." For another thing, anybody who thinks that a woman who adopts these aggressive behaviors will be taken seriously has another think coming. She'll be labeled a bitch and a ball-buster and be dismissed on those grounds. Why? Because women aren't taken seriously. And guess what, it isn't anything they can fix because it isn't actually about anything they do.

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