Friday, December 5, 2008

Crazy December & New Etsy Finds

Well, this past week has been one of total emotional chaos. We've had lots of long conversations with many different people about various crises that have come up recently. I'm grateful for God's grace in this time. In spite of it all, Ted & I have been especially united in prayer for the people involved. And I feel hopeful that things will improve, even though it looks overwhelming right now.

Every year, it seems like so many major things happen in December. I guess I'm always reflective towards the end of the year, too. I look back and wonder what was accomplished this year, what I need to reevaluate and pursue again, what needs to be finished and put away. I suppose that's helpful, like our yearly garage sales. It's great to get rid of stuff, but it's always such a mess and so frustrating. It's really hard to analyze everything that's happened in the year, but it's also necessary in order to plan for future goals.

On a different note, I thought I'd post some more great finds on Etsy for those of you who love unique handmade gifts. Have fun browsing!

Here's one from my shop, Mixed Emotions:

This one's from tiedupmemories:

Here's one from Needlings:

And a beautiful angel from rochelle31:

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Healing Expressions said...

HI Michelle...I have a surprise for you over on my blog if you want to take a peek! I think I need your mailing address my dear!
Take Care

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