Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Joyful Living Update

Last week I reflected on my realization that I needed to do more than just survive. Since then, I'm happy to report that I have been living life more joyfully. I'm doing my best to be fully present and enjoy the simple things. Even in the midst of potty-training a strong willed toddler and the daily dramas of my other two very sensitive children, I am at peace (more or less, depending on how early in the morning it is).

I've found that it requires a lot of energy to remain positive and joyful in the daily grind. It requires energy to patiently explain the rules of bedtime for the thousandth time, to not mirror the hysterical tween's anger about the unfairness of life, and to keep a sweet spirit when all three are shouting with hyperactive glee in a small, compact car. Yes, these are the real tests of joy. Diapers and dishes, all completed with the refrain, "Do everything as unto the Lord."

But the more time I've spent pursuing His presence, the quicker I run back to my prayer closet, the more I feel His sustaining grace for all things. I'm drawn more and more to read His Word, to soak up His love, and to reflect it to others. I feel more alive already. Praise the Lord!
I've been able to play more lately. Which means I'm spending more time investing in the kids, but less time having anything to show for my days. I've played with a LOT of race cars, read a lot of books to the kids, and had a lot of talks about everything under the sun that happens to pop into their heads. My reward today was watching my 7 year old read to my enraptured toddler this afternoon. I snapped a picture before it could vanish into craziness again. Joy is found in the smallest things!


Ted Wallace said...

I love you, and I'm so proud of you. I'm glad to be married to you, you lovely, lovely woman!

Mary said...

I am so glad. It is too easy to not really be present in the moments. There were many year I was not. It goes by so very fast, squeeze all the juice out of each and every one.

becca varner said...

michelle! your family is beautiful. and i'm so glad that you find such joy in the insanity :)

mommy to six J's said...

awe your family is just to cute...

Healing Expressions said...

Just was thinking about you and came over to catch up on how your heart is doing these days Michelle. I appreciate your honesty and sharing how God is whispering to you. PS I love your hope jars...what a beautiful idea! You should submit that project to one of the art magazines! Take care!

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