Sunday, August 9, 2009

Girl Show and Ted's Accident

Well, we had a busy week. The Girl Show was just as awesome as I expected, with tons of artists, musicians, and designers. There was even a tribal dance group, henna tattoos, massages, and a lady spinning yarn. So many cool things to watch, I think even the ADD among us were content.

Ted was a trooper and helped watch the table for me when I went next door to sing a few songs on the open mic. He also built the cool jewelry stand out of scraps from work.
What's really impressive is that he helped me, despite the use of only one hand. I'm sure he's tired of telling the story, so let me. On Thursday he was helping move some shelving units at work, when they slipped and fell on his hand. He ended up having to get a bone graph on his ring finger, but they had to remove part of his middle finger, between the nail and first joint. He's feeling better every day, but is still in pain. So yeah, it's been quite a week!


Linda said...

Hi Michelle....sounds like you had great fun at the Girl Show!
Love the jewellery stand Ted made....hope his hand is improving.
Thanks for the visit...your comments are always much appreciated.

KimDoll said...

You are so beautiful. Seriously. First Sunday and then this picture - you just stun me! And I'm so sorry that I missed the Girl Show. Your stand looks so awesome.

Cinderella Moments said...

Sounds painful!! But at least you had a good time together at your show.

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